A Decentralized Meme Token With Total Community Governance

SpaceFloki will explore the universe. SpaceFloki is decentralized. Even though the team is taking the lead on development, we act as a decentralized autonomous organisation (DAO). This means that members of the SpaceFloki community all have a voice in the decision making process

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SpaceFloki ($SLOKI) Contract: 0x41BB....f42Bc8E Copied




Our Project & Metaverse

SpaceFloki is a blockchain technology focused on dividends and marketplace economic engined. We are a community-first decentralized finance platform; developing tokens within incentivized ecosystems of trade. As a community-driven, decentralized financial (de-fi) organization, our core mandate includes the imperative to support communities in need. Our ESG strategy is wholistic; and an integral part of the organization's identity.

While much of the world treats most cryptocurrencies as speculative ventures, SpaceFloki is a cryptocurrency popularized by the initiative of it's community: it continues to be nurtured and built upon not by a core development team but by it's enthusiastic user base. All holders that own 0,1% Supply (1 Trillion Tokens) and are in the top 100 holders will get a weekly bonus paid out during our AMA from a pool that takes 1.5% of all transactions. Volunteers who show they have done extraordinary amounts of service for SpaceFloki will be recognized and bonused from a separate 1.5% pool.

SpaceFloki is an efficient BEP-20 token designed with built in gas-less yield rewards, stable holding incentives through liquidity, and deflationary fuel burn targets to accelerate SpaceFloki’s velocity. Token redistribution applies to the 50% burn wallet as well, burning SpaceFloki Tokens with each transaction. This helps raise the price floor over time.

Deflationary Model

With each transaction, tokens are burned and supply drops. The tokenomics are carefully calibrated to ensure sustainability.


Contract successfully audited by Solidity Finance and liquidity locked. The project is rug-pull proof, so all investors are completely safe.

Passive Income & Liquidity

Holders passively gain tokens through a 0.5% Treat Tax on every transaction. Each transaction also adds to the liquidity on PancakeSwap LP.

Governance and Multisig Protection

All upgrades have three layers of protection to ensure full protection and community confidence. Snapshot voting system, 24-hour timelock on contract interaction including upgrades, and Gnosis Safe multisig protection.


Spacefloki is decentralized, deflationary, community driven Meme Token with a charity built into it. SpaceFloki will support artist incubation, NFT Auction(will cooperate with BSC for NFT auction) and new projects through its SpaceFloki Launchpad platform.

Liquidity Locked

Liquidity has been locked in Pancakeswap and is regularly added to. Making sure our community can trade safe and secure is our top priority.

Token Distribution

  • AIRDROPS 10%



  • RESERVE 10%



MARKET CAP: 100,000,000,000,000


LIQUIDITY SUPPLY: 90% (Locked for 8 months)

CHAIN Binance Smart Chain

Road Map

Our sustainability and success as a charity are based on the goodwill of our holders, continuous interest of key supporters and the selfless dedication, hard work and passion of the volunteer team.

Q1 2022

  • $SLOKI launch
  • First Donation
  • Contract audit's
  • Major marketing campaign
  • Listing On Pancakeswap
  • Team expansion

Q2 2022

  • Initial DEX Listings
  • CMC listing, Coingecko listing
  • NFT exploration
  • Dev/Team/Community AMAs
  • Mexc Listing
  • Few Apple Products Giveaway To Community Members
  • Play To Earn Game Testnet

Q3 2022

  • $SLOKI Dao Launch
  • Commence NFT development
  • Smart Contract upgrade
  • Bridges to Other Blockchains
  • Launching On More DEX/Cex

Q4 2022

  • P2E Game Mainnet V1
  • Community rewards
  • Tier 1 CEX launch
  • SpaceFloki-Verse beta release

How To Buy SpaceFloki